Tyent MMP-9090 Extreme: Is Turbo the Best Ionizer?

January 2, 2011

It’s been reported that Tyent’s latest water ionizer (MMP-9090) uses dual filtration comparable to what’s found in medical kidney dialysis machines.  Although you may not be that obsessive about toxin free, alkaline water, one thing is for sure:  Tyent’s over the counter ionizer (MMP-9090) is currently (December 6, 2011) their flagship ionizer.   They have adopted […]

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Alkaline Water: Here’s Why it Works…

October 25, 2010

Before we get into the virtues of alkaline water, drinking most any water even on tap is going produce good dividends.  Since your body is comprised of 70% water it, it’s obviously important to keep yourself full of it (you tend to lose about 2.5 liters of water every day).  But it also stands to […]

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Kyk Ionizer: A Quick Comparison to Tyent Ionizers

October 23, 2010

It’s easy to confuse the KYK “G2″ or “Generation 2″ (found at Ionizer Oasis) with the  “Genesis Platinum” and “Platinum Plus Hybrid” models offered at Water for Life USA .  Both G2 and Platinum both internally and externally are almost identical.  But, before we compare  the KYK  ionizer “G2″ with Tyent’s flagship ionizer the MMP-9090 […]

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