Don’t Buy Any Tyent Water Ionizer Until You Read This…

by Ray on February 1, 2012

I’m going to hold on and start this new offer on Feb 1, 2012 and ends when I run out.   And yes, you can use it in combination with Tyent’s current sale or bonuses they offer as well.  So, you can easily end up with double the number of bonuses (filter sets, Good Life Bottles, Cartridge filters, etc.) that you would get anywhere else.

tyent ionizer bonuses11 Dont Buy Any Tyent Water Ionizer Until You Read This...

3 Bonus Filter Packs (total) With ANY Tyent Water Ionizer

So, if you’re in the market for ANY Tyent ionizer and prefer to be serviced through Tyent USA’s official website, (plus get this $200 add-on bonus for free using the link below) than this should be a no-brainer.

Getting the bonuses on the right PLUS Tyent’s discount and bonuses at the same time probably won’t be available long (if the link works it’s still available).

There’s no obligation to buy or do anything other than let me know where to ship the bonuses…

Once you click through the link below and check out,  I’ll need to know where to ship your bonuses.


BONUS :  Tyent’s official Replacement Filter packs (3 dual sets delivered)


Click Here: Bonuses + Free Shipping  (Overseas too)

How Does This Work?

After clicking through the link above you will arrive at Tyent USA’s official site.  After check out  at Tyent simply email me…(you can use the blue CONTACT button on the left)... or email me direct at:  Please, tell me where to ship the bonuses.   Also, you can contact me ahead of time if you have any questions.

How Do I know I Will Get The Bonuses?

After you confirm your purchase via.the blue contact button on the left I will confirm the same and have the the bonuses shipped usually the same business day.  Shipping is free.

Why Are You Offering This?

As an affiliate for Tyent USA I’m willing to surrender a chunk of my commission for your benefit.  In the end its a win win for everyone actually.

Tyent is Currently Offering this Discount.  Does This Offer Void Their Discount?

No, you can take advantage of both Tyent’s current discount AND the bonuses at the same time. If Tyent currently has a discount — then click through the link above — check out –then send me an email where to send the bonuses.   This offer comes and goes so I can’t guarantee you how long it will stay active.  If the link works this offer is active. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

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