Jupiter Water Ionizers: Review the Facts

by Ray on December 28, 2011

Jupiter waterionizer Jupiter Water Ionizers: Review the Facts

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Below is a compilation of consumer reviews, facts, and comparisons for Jupiter Science water ionizers.

Jupiter Company Facts:

  • Jupiter ionizers are manufactured (completely) by Japan based Emco Tech and imported by IonWays.
  • Manufacturing ionizers from Japan since 1982
  • Large research and development team
  • They are a direct sales MLM company
  • Jupiter Science (IonWays) sell more water ionizers across the globe than all ionizer companies combined
  • Members of the BBB and currently holding a A+ report

Jupiter Water Ionizer Pricing  (high to low end):

Jupiter Water Ionizer Features:
  • Improved platinum-titanium electrodes that increases water surface area  (reduces need for bigger plates)
  • Generates a good range of high and low pH or ORP (Oxygen reduction Potential)
  • DARC (Double Action Reverse Cleaning) Automatic self cleaning system
  • Newer more Western friendly design (finally!)
  • Multi-stage Biostone filtration
  • Indicator Lights that warn you when filters
  • Automatic Temperature shutdown to prevent over heating
  • Calcium port for adding calcium if source water is low
  • Lifetime warranty
Jupiter Water Ionizer Facts (That Are Hard To Find)
  • Top of the line Athena has 5 titanium/mesh plates
  • The rate at which water is dispensed (Jupiters flow rate) is about average
  • Lots of over or under counter installation options
  • Quickly install specialty cartridges into ionizer to remove lead or arsenic
  • During cleaning cycle ionizer is still able to be used
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10.5 x 13.75 (Athena)
  • Input Voltage:  AC 120V
  • Weight: 15.9 lbs (Athena)

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