Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer: UCE-9000t

by Ray on July 19, 2011

August 2011 Notice:

*Currently Tyent USA’s UCE-9000 is nearly out of stock but will offer a limited number of units for sale beginning August 1st, 2011.   To get an early bird notice and as well as the bonuses below click through the bonus link to Tyent’s official water ionizer site and reserve yours today. Once this model of ionizer units are sold, no more UCE’s will me for sale until January 2012.

Tyent’s UCE-9090 under counter water ionizer design was released in April 2011 and has been on back order for much of that time due to the overwhelming demand…


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Based on consumer reviews of Tyent owners here’s what makes Tyents newest ionizer so popular:

Tyent Under Counter Ionzier Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t Saves Space in the Kitchen: Takes all the latest state-of-the-art technology found in the MMP-9090 to a much more space saving and unique chrome finish that will complement any upscale kitchen.

User Friendly Face: Offers a new, multi-color LCD touch screen (similar to that of the iPhone) found on the faucet side of the unit for quick

Tyent UCE 9000 LCD Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t and easy alkaline water management.  At night it lights up beautifully with its back lit display highlighting 7 different one-touch icons to manage water pH levels that range from 2.0 to 12.0 with an ORP or oxygen reduction capacity ratin of up to -800 V.

“There’s a lot of automation on this model so you have less to worry about including overheating, bacteria build up, too much inflow of water, water overflow,  filter replacement, etc.  These are all issues that render most water ionizer worthless over time if not tended to regularly.  Tyent automatically supervises all these issues that plague other ionizers so you don’t have to…

9 plates Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t Massive Plates: Just like her big sister the UCE 9000 offers 9 thick platinum and titanium electrode plates with over 375 watts of power enabling it to more than any other water ionizer on the market transform any water to extreme acidic or  alkaline levels or anything in between.  The benefit is you have water with a wide range of uses… cooking, cleaning, cleansing your face, and of course drinking.  Unlike some other units that artificially use toxic chemicals to achieve high pH balances, Tyent uses no such chemicals or salt.

Tyent ionizer filters Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t Dual Filters Offer 99.99% Purity: Tyents offer their new Phi water type filters which consist of first a high performance primary filter  (PAC) the removes the larger impurities followed by the functional secondary filter that is actually made of a ceramic composite that keeps the ideal balance of ions, minerals keeping your tap water perfectly stable.  In all they represent the largest and most effective water ionizer filtration media on the market and will purify 3,600 liters of water which for most homes is more than 6 months supply.

NOTICE: Water ionizer filters can be a bit pricey ($99+) per pair.  By using the link above you will get 3 sets of water filters PLUS Tynent USA’s New Portable Ionizer absolutely free with your purchase of any Tyent ionizer…  These bonuses are offered only here and value at $275.

Tyent Ionizer Voice guide Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t Voice Guided: The voice guided operation enables you to simply push “voice on” then speak what function you prefer as well as adjust the volume  Its convenient and pretty impressive to friends when they hear it work.   Additionally, you will be notified if and when your dual filters need replaced.

Tyent UCE 9000 AV Tyent Under Counter Water Ionizer:  UCE 9000t Automated Anti-virus and Self Cleaning: Tyent offers a lifetime warranty so they build all their water ionizers to last a lifetime as well as  outperform and outlast any competitor.  And their self cleaning RTR or ‘real time refresh’ feature.  Regular cleaning is important to the longevity of any water ionizer.  It disallows the formation of micro-organisms that plague a lot of other ionizers.  The reality is that most owners neglect cleaning their ionizer altogether and as a result wind up trouble shooting it later on because of build up.  Tyent resolved this by automatically refreshing by cleaning any bacteria and virus build up every 12 hours anytime the UCE-9000t goes unused.   That’s a great benefit.

Tyent UCE-9000t user manual

Again when you compare the Tyent Under Counter Extreme 9000T to other competing water ionizers not only are the components and features superior the ease of use.  The spec’s of the unit can be found here:  Tyent water ionizer spec’s.   I know a lot of customers wanted a more sleek but inconspicuous unit that was more seemless as a kitchen appliance.    So the under the counter hide away unit is why this Tyent model is so popular.

One final feature that separates the Tyents UCE 9000 from the competition is their SMS power supply.   It’s a real necessity for any water ionizer in my opinion but most ionizers simply don’t have it and pay for it later on.

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