Kangen Water Ionizers: Is Engaic Producing the Only Real Ionized Water?

by Ray on February 9, 2011

Much has been said about Enagic’s famous “Kangen water“.  Consider the following from one of their company rep’s:kangen water machine1 Kangen Water Ionizers: Is Engaic Producing the Only Real Ionized Water?

“…this water technology [Kangen Water] is practically non existent outside of Japan…and some people are trying to sell cheaper alkaline water machines as if they’re at the same level with the Kangen Water machines, but only cheaper.”

First, if you’ve ever purchased anything via. MLM you know it’s usually a pretty good product, and at a price that practically nobody can afford. This is simply because a good chunk of the revenue from the sale needs to trickle down throughout MLM “downline”.

(NOTE: Enagic compensation plan pays out as much as $1,710 to the ‘distributor’ at the top of the compensation plan for each direct sale and then another $285-$1,710 is again paid out to deeper levels!)

When you add it all up the only way Enagic can make a profit with that kind of payout is to significantly mark up their ionizers at the front end.   So,

that’s why other U.S. Manufactured water ionizers can be purchased significantly ‘cheaper’.   Of course you knock off several hundred if you were to ask your MLM neighbor or friend to split the commission.
But, how does Kangen Water ionizers compare to other industry leading water ionizer?  How does Kangen compare to Tyent’s “Super Water”?

Usually price is the first comparison we make between competing machines and the Enagic SD-501 has a pretty stout price tag. Considering the SD-501 falls short of Tyents MP-9090 and even the 7070 models in features all across the board (i.e. price, power, filtration, plate design, adaptability, and warranty) it’s really hard to justify the price.  period.   In fact Tyent embarrasses Engaic in all these areas (so much so it’s not even worth your time comparing) and yet Tyent newest flagship model is still $500 less expensive?!

In an effort to salvage some respect I will say that, Enagics water ionizers do offer a high variance between high and low PH and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) measurements. Levels that most machines don’t have the power to attain. And even as high as what Tyent can generate. But, unfortunately it achieves these levels via. chemical enhancement.

There is a secret cubby hole where you need to maintain a chemical additive. And as a rule I don’t want chemicals labeled ‘Do Not Drink’ enhancing my families drinking water.

Bottom line is Enagic “Kangen” Water is marketing at best a $1,400 water ionizer for $4,000. You can simply get a better machine for less money buying a Tyent or KYK ionizer.

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