Tyent MMP-9090 Extreme: Is Turbo the Best Ionizer?

by Ray on January 2, 2011

It’s been reported that Tyent’s latest water ionizer (MMP-9090) uses dual filtration comparable to what’s found in medical kidney dialysis machines.  Although you may not be that obsessive about 31+tAmP9cdL. SS500 1 Tyent MMP 9090 Extreme:  Is Turbo the Best Ionizer?toxin free, alkaline water, one thing is for sure:  Tyent’s over the counter ionizer (MMP-9090) is currently (December 6, 2011) their flagship ionizer.   They have adopted Lexus‘ latest slogan.

How so?

Both seem to be on this relentless ‘pursuit for perfection’.  In Tyent’s case perfect, “Super Water”.

So, how has Tyent USA set the standard for alkaline water ionizers?

The following features as a whole are what’s exclusive to Tyents MMP-9090. In other words KYK, Life,  Jupiter, Enagic ionizers all offer similar comparable water ionizer features here and there.  But overall Tyent’s ionizers dominate the package deal:

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No other water purification system offers multi-stage and multi-composition (ceramic and carbon filters), times two (dual filters)!  Did I mention they’re also offer the biggest filter media in the industry?  All that adds up to filtration good enough for grandpa’s kidney dialysis machine, or 99.99% pure water.

If you have hard, well, or even water from Pensacola Florida (worst in country), Tyent makes a push button solution to adapt to any type of unfortunate water source.  Any type of bad water you’ve been ‘dealt’ can be resurrected into a pair of pocket aces.

Everyone has different ‘source’ water dependent upon where they live.  Only Tyent electronically adjusts (using 55 settings) your source waters alkalinity level so you know you’re getting exactly the type of water you want.


Most alkaline water ionizers use electrodes or ‘plates’ that your water passes over to transform your water into ionized water.   The process is called ‘electrolysis’. This is one of the core components of any water ionizer and why such a big deal is made about the size, composition, and type of ‘plates’ within the ionizer.

Tyent’s core components have obliterated the competition in terms of perfecting this process. Not only does the Tyson MMP-9090 have the largest plates they incorporate a total of 9 vented plates. The vents allow water to pass through as opposed to merely sliding over the plate. The result is more surface area and better ionized water.

Add to that everything is covered by a lifetime warranty as opposed to a 3 or 5 year labor warranty like other ionizer companies.

Tyent has never been cheap. But neither has Lexus. Tyent’s flagship ionizer pricing is just shy of $4,000. But not many water ionizers can boast their machines performing more than 5 years before plates and transformers start breaking down.   And the cost of most plates don’t justify replacing.

So, you could by a Toyota Avalon; but, for about $2k more you can have a ‘Lexus’.

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