Kyk Ionizer: A Quick Comparison to Tyent Ionizers

by Ray on October 23, 2010

It’s easy to confuse the KYK “G2″ or “Generation 2″ (found at Ionizer Oasis) with the  “Genesis Platinum” and “Platinum Plus Hybrid” models offered at Water for Life USA .  Both G2 and Platinum both internally and externally are almost identical.  But, before we compare  the KYK  ionizer “G2″ with Tyent’s flagship ionizer the MMP-9090 there’s something to keep in mind about the KYK Genesis.tyent ionizer1 150x150 Kyk Ionizer:  A Quick Comparison to Tyent Ionizers

First, the 2009 “Genesis” ionizer was the top selling ionizer machine in the world for 2009. This  ionizer simply sold because in the end consumers got a lot of bang for their buck.  The latest upgrade is mostly cosmetic.

Now that the Genesis was been upgraded to the “Generation II” “G2” you can expect a bit more value for only about $100 more than the Genesis.  Along with the new stainless steal look here’s some of the key upgrade features to the G2 as compared to Tyent.

KYK’s “G2″ Ionizer Offers:

Dual filtration: Tyent Ionizers made this popular but at a pretty stout price. The Genesis was super popular with single filtration. Now the KYK’s G2 Ionizer has dual filtration that is both multi stage and includes ceramic and carbon composition.  That’s a good G2 upgrade.

Power Supply: Also, like Tyent KYK Ionizers do not use transformers to power their machines.  However, G2’s power is only 150W which is a bit limiting especially compared to Tyent models which offer 280-300 watts of power.

Ionizers that use transformer based power tend to have shorter life spans. Instead they use a SMPS or Switched Mode Power Supply that keeps the unit stable and from over heating.  Acts almost like a kill switch.  Like the Genesis the G2 won’t have any problems with power loss or a short life span that tends to plague transformer based ionizers.ionquench water ionizer1 150x150 Kyk Ionizer:  A Quick Comparison to Tyent Ionizers

In addition the G2 has been upgraded to 250 watts of power to heat a whopping 7 electrode plates.

Electrode Plates: The platinum/ titanium solid mesh electrode plates again impressively rival what Tyent tends to dominate. The all important electrode plates are responsible for water ionization process.  It’s the core component of any water ionizer.

The G2 has converted from the old solid surface plates to more of a hybrid solid/mesh construction. This allows water to undergo more of a sustained electrolysis process. Water flows through and across the plates for a total surface coverage of 200 square inches. KYK ionizers have really offered tremendous technology here!

Warranty: The KYK ionizer warranty used to be a limited 5 year parts and labor but has now been upgraded to an additional 2 years to a 7 year warranty. Impressive, but Tyent is and may never be matched in this department.  Tyent Ionizer warranties are lifetime.

Support: Unlike Genesis, KYK finally upgraded the G2 with bonafied, English speaking US based support. And it’s been getting better feedback. Some consumers who purchased the older “Genesis” model and experienced delays in shipping were given the option to upgrade to the “G2” at no cost!  Tyent support is USA through and through!

Adaptability: Electronically adjusts PH levels to specifically treat your source or input water with the touch of a button. Whether you have hard, well, or just plain filthy water, the G2 will adjust accordingly.  Tyent has been doing this for years and

Summary: There’s a lot of high end features that KYK ionizers don’t offer that Tyent includes.  Tyent vs. KYK is like deciding between a Toyata Camry and a Lexus GS.   Tyent’s recent MMP-9090 is the industry standard. And the price differential will be recouped long term.  In the end Tyent still reigns with the better option long term.

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