Alkaline Water: Here’s Why it Works…

by Ray on October 25, 2010

Before we get into the virtues of alkaline water, drinking most any water even on tap is going produce good dividends.  Since your body is comprised of 70% water it, it’s obviously important to keep yourself full of it (you tend to lose about 2.5 liters of water every day).  But it also stands to reason that the better quality water drink the better body you’re going to have.200453491 001 150x150 Alkaline Water: Heres Why it Works...

To understand the true effects of alkaline water and what it can do for you, it’s helpful to have at least a cursory understanding of the balance between acid and alkaline.

Now let me forewarn you right now.   This gets deep.  What you’re going to realize here is a fundamental process that happens beyond the cellular level.  This goes to the depth of the atomic level. Yes, at the microscopic molecular level there is a lot goin’ on.  Scientists have known for eons that at this level your body creates electrical energy…

For now just hold on to that…

“Now you may think I’ve gone off the deep end… but I promise if you stick with me you’re going to have a better understanding of a truth (as it relates to alkaline water) that will totally change your life for the better.

First of all as you probably already know most people are too acidic. The main culprit of course is all the acid minerals within our food and drink, not to mention environmental pollutants, stress levels, and just our whole lifestyle in general all lends itself to all of us being extremely acidic individuals.

We’re all stoned on acid I guess you’d say.

Well, at the molecular level of our bodies electrical ions are either uniting or repelling one another. These electrical ion reactions balance to either be acidic or alkalined. This war or struggle between acid and alkaline wages until the acidic ions eventually win.

Unfortunate for us, acid will always win.  It always has and always will.  Acid is in effect from the day you’re born  continually oxidizing or breaking down our bodies. That’s what oxidation is all about. It’s acidic reaction day in and day out that’s taking us to the grave.

So, life essentially is this war between positively and negatively charged ions or between acid and alkaline.  The same applies to water, PH is a way to understand waters acid alkaline balance.

PH measures how acidic or alkalized water is through the use of what’s called an ORP meter. Which actually measures an electrical charge.  In simple terms any reading above zero is acidic or oxidizing (breaking down life). While a negative reading means the water is alkalized (Giving life).

So, you can see that alkaline water is a way (and an extremely effective one since were mostly made up of water) to add or to promote our bodies health and longevity.  Alkaline acts as an anti-oxidant and of course anti-oxidants are what’s helping us all live healthier and live longer…with less degeneration.

Yes, alkalized water will help keep you looking younger.  And that’s just one of  many side effects.  Alkaline water treats all kinds of problems including obesity, cancer, skin problems and allergies.  The list is too long to list here.

It’s not uncommon for people who start drinking alkaline water to miraculously witness a boost of real energy within the first 24 hours. And there are lots and lots of other benefits to ionized water that will soon discover.

One of the best ways to give yourself and loved ones this miracle cure is via. a water ionizer machine or water ionizer. You want to look at ionizers that don’t supplement the water with chemicals but rather machines that ‘electrolize’ water simply by use of heat.  Tyent and KYK ionizers are leading the way in this regard.

If you’ve ever heard someone talking about the effects of alkalized water many of them are almost hell bent on you trying it.  I have a tenant who used to deliver me several gallons of alkaline water (for free!) she was really excited about it that it made me stop and find out more about it myself.  No, she wasn’t an MLM’r.  But I’ve since been sold on the benefits.

So, take this alkaline stuff to heart.  It works!

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